About Us
First of all, my name is Ashleigh! Hey! I founded Sunshine Dreamer in 2014 after I became sick of just going to work and not really getting ahead in my work life and finances. I needed a creative outlet, with the help and support of my partner, family and friends I decided to do something on the side. 
I spent a few months sourcing some vintage fabrics, and had my Mum turn them into these really cool festival kimonos. She is a dressmaker by trade. My website went live in December 2014 and I got my first few online sales from a few friends! I was beyond happy. I decided I would do a local market stall to try and get my brand out there. I did not make a single sale at my first market! I was absolutely devastated and felt like a failure...but I did not quit! I decided to add some vintage items and accessories to my collection. You see, I have always loved thrift shopping and used to buy vintage Harley Davidson tees from eBay back in the day because it was really hard to find a good one in Australia before 2012... My next market stall was a success and it grew from there!
About Us
We are a one woman show here! Sunshine Dreamer is still a small business, owned and operated by me (and a HUGE amount of help from my amazing husband on a daily basis) 
I personally fulfill all orders, reply to ya'll emails and DM's, run the social media, organise photoshoots, style the shoots and sometimes even take and edit the photos! Oh and I definitely do a happy dance when I see orders come through! 
We also LOVE to work with our super talented creative network who also happen to be long term friends of mine! Stevi and Shan (@makeupbystevi and @getrosy_ go give them a follow their work is the BEST) These girls have been there from the absolute START and I love looking back on our old shoots to see how far we have all come. 
Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping Sunshine Dreamers 
About Us